Planet Pooch

All baths include 2 shampoos, premium conditioners specific to coat type and skin condition, and hand drying. Also included is a nail trim, ear cleaning and expressing anal glands (if needed).

Note: At Hair of the Dog, we do all hand-drying, no cage drying. This is done for the safety of your dog (to prevent overheating), to allow the groomer to better assess the skin condition and to give a higher-quality finished product. We use high-velocity forced air dryers to speed drying time and give a beautiful, easy to clip coat finish. An added benefit of hand drying with high-velocity forced air is that dematting is dramatically decreased, as is stripping out of dead undercoat, which can be painful. We let the dryers do the work painlessly. Even if you do not come to Hair of the Dog, find out if your groomer does cage drying. If you want more information on why we recommend against it, please contact us.

Grooming (Clipping)
We provided full services grooming for all breeds with a variety of pet clips available. We also provide show clips for most breeds with very few exceptions. For example, we do not do Poodle show clips (yet). A bath is required and included in the price. You cannot bring your dog in for only a clip.

If your dog has special shampoo needs, we can accomodate this, except for prescription medicated shampoos, which you must provide. We have a variety of very high-quality non-medicated and medicated (non-prescription) shampoos available. At Hair of the Dog, we spare no expense to ensure that only the best products go on your dog's skin and hair.

Grooming Supplies
We have a wide variety of specialty and medicated shampoos and conditioners, as well as other grooming supplies for sale.

Dog in tub