Planet Pooch

Hour Activity
0700-0900 Preflight Briefing
This is when most of the pooches arrive. Introductions, hellos.
Preflight Briefing
0800-1300 Warp Travel
Heartiest playtime of the day. Lots of blowing off steam. Supervised play, basic obedience lessons, extra cuddling as needed.
Warp Travel
1000-1100 Galley Open
Mid-day feedings for those fliers on a lunch schedule.
Galley Open
1300-1430 Cryogenic Sleep (naptime)
Your pal can get some "alone time" in a secluded corner or curl up with today's favorite buddy.
Cryogenic Sleep
1430-1700 Warp Travel
Lots of energy after naptime. After a visit to the toilet, there's lots of play, cuddling, obedience lessons and treats.
Warp Travel
1500-1600 Galley Open
Feedings for those fliers on a supper schedule.
Galley Open
1700-1900 Debriefing
Goodbyes. Moms and Dads arrive. Stories to tell. Sleep to be had.