Planet Pooch

For your dog to be eligible for daycare and sleepovers at Planet Pooch, you must go through our admissions process. All dogs must be evaluated for their temperament. We have two options available dependent upon your dog's age and level of socialization.

Option I: For Well Socialized Dogs
Cost: $10   Time: 15 minutes
This option involves a temperament evaluation at a local dog park. The evaluator meets you and your dog inside the park. We will observe your dog interacting with others at the park to see if your dog's behavior is appropriate for group play. We also determine which play group is appropriate for your dog.

Option II: For Special Needs Dogs
Cost: $30   Time: 45-60 minutes
This option is for those that are unsure if their dog's temperament is compatible for group play. It is more secure and more tightly controlled than options I and II. The evaluation takes place at our facility. To start, we determine whether your dog is fearful or aggressive towards humans. Next, the evaluator will bring in a very experienced and social dog and gauge the reaction and comfort level of both dogs. If both dogs are comfortable, we will add dogs to the group while monitoring your dog's reactions. If your dog remains confident and not aggressive we will bring him to the appropriate play area and monitor his behavior without your presence. If your dog continues to behave confidently and not aggressively, we will finish the evaluation and make arrangements for your first day.

All candidates must submit a copy of the dog's vaccinations records with proof of DHLPP, Rabies and Bordetella immunizations. The following documents must also be filled out completely and turned in on or before your dog's first day. (Note: You must have Adobe Reader to view and print the documents.)

PDF Planet Pooch Daycare Agreement
PDF Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment
PDF Planet Pooch Policies

To begin the admissions process, please fill out our online application and then call us at (650) 364-7792 to schedule an interview for your dog.